4 Inch Acrylic Disc | Cake Separator / Card | 1 piece

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Diameter - 4inches
Material - Transparent Acrylic
Thickness - 2mm 
Pack consists of : 1 piece, (increase quantity to buy multiple numbers)

These super easy to use cake separators cards are going to make your baking life super easy for tier cakes.

Simply use the same diameter of this acrylic card as that of lower tier of your cake.
For example if diameter of cake base is 8inch - then use 8inch acrylic card.

The semi white colour on the discs are just to protect it from scratches, it can and should be removed , washed and then placed in between the tiers.

The centre hole is provided for the Dowel which provides the cake more stability and prevents it from slipping off, the dowel has the same thickness as that of hole.

The thick dowels come in a pack of 4pcs , click here to shop the dowels.

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