6 Inch Transparent Acrylic Disc | for Mixing Colours | Imported Acrylic 3mm.

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Introducing our must-have combo for all baking enthusiasts and canvas artists alike - The Choco Supplies x Craft Ware India collaboration brings you the ultimate duo: the transparent 6-inch acrylic disc and a set of 5 high-quality artist palette knives!

Note : This Product contains only 1x Acrylic Disc 

🎨🍪 Explore Your Artistic Side:
Designed to cater to both home bakers and canvas artists, these products open up a world of creativity. The 6-inch acrylic disc, crafted with precision from 3mm imported acrylic, allows you to custom mix your own shades of colors with ease. Its transparency provides a clear view of your creations, making color blending a breeze.

🖌️🎂 Elevate Your Creations:
Our artist palette knives set of 5 is a dream come true for painters and bakers alike. The high-grade construction ensures smooth application of colors, whether you're working on canvas or decorating cakes and pastries. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom to create your unique masterpieces!

💡💆‍♂️ Therapeutic Color Mixing:
Who knew mixing colors could be so therapeutic? Unleash your inner artist or baker and let the calming sensation of blending colors uplift your mood. It's the perfect way to unwind and create something truly special at the same time.

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