8 inch Surprise Cake Bomb | Black Colour | Comes with 5 wicks

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Introducing the ultimate surprise bomb cake - an explosive delight that's sure to take your taste buds on a wild ride!

This cake comes in a unique black grenade-like structure that's designed to make a statement. But the real excitement starts when you light it up with a matchstick. As the flame touches the fuse, you'll hear a sizzle of anticipation before all 4 flaps of the grenade open up in a dramatic display.

And that's when the magic happens. Inside the grenade, you'll find a delicious cake that pops open with a burst of flavor. You'll be greeted with layers of moist cake, sweet frosting, and a surprise filling that's guaranteed to make your taste buds explode with joy.

Whether you're looking for a unique birthday cake or just want to add some excitement to your next celebration, the surprise bomb cake is the perfect choice. So go ahead, light that fuse and get ready for an explosion of flavor!

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