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Magic Colours CMC Powder | 50grams

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Introducing Magic Colours CMC Powder, the secret ingredient to take your sugar paste creations to the next level! Our specially crafted CMC powder is designed to condition and strengthen sugar paste, allowing you to create flawless edible sugar toppers and decorations with ease.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Conditioning: Magic Colours CMC Powder is the perfect solution to condition sugar paste or fondant, making it more pliable, workable, and easy to shape. Say goodbye to dry or cracking sugar paste and hello to a smooth, elastic consistency that's a joy to work with.

  2. Enhanced Strength: With the addition of our CMC powder, your sugar paste creations will have the strength and durability to withstand handling, transportation, and display. Delicate sugar toppers and intricate decorations will maintain their shape and structure, ensuring a long-lasting, picture-perfect finish.

  3. Versatile Application: Magic Colours CMC Powder can be added directly to sugar paste or fondant, making it incredibly versatile for a wide range of edible creations. From beautifully sculpted cake toppers to intricate lace patterns and delicate flowers, this powder is your go-to solution for achieving professional-quality results.

  4. Easy to Use: Our CMC powder is user-friendly and simple to incorporate into your baking routine. Just add the desired amount to your sugar paste, knead it in thoroughly, and experience the transformative effects as it conditions and strengthens your edible creations.

  5. Premium Quality: Magic Colours CMC Powder is crafted from high-quality ingredients, ensuring excellent performance and reliable results. It is made from food-grade materials, making it safe for consumption and perfect for all your edible creations.

Unleash your creativity and elevate your sugar paste designs with Magic Colours CMC Powder. From intricate cake decorations to show-stopping sugar sculptures, this essential ingredient will give your creations the strength, flexibility, and flawless finish they deserve. Prepare to be amazed by the magic of Magic Colours CMC Powder!

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